At Researchitlive, we know the importance of training when it comes to improving workforce skill, knowledge and attitude as well as securing for you competitive advantage when it comes to getting a suitable job that matches your skills. Therefore we have designed flexible online and offline strategic training programs driven to make you a game changer in any organization or society you find yourself. We offer trainings in the following fields:

·         Data Analysis Combo Pack: We avail you the opportunity to learn how to analyse data through the use of a computer. We offer trainings on Microsoft Excel, Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), EPIDATA, and Econometric View (E-View) softwares.

·         EPIDATA: We know the importance of primary data and the difficulties entailed in coding and analyzing primary data hence, this training program seeks to train you on how to customize the quick coding and analysis of your questionnaires in an efficient manner. With this training, you would be able to analyze hundreds of questionnaires in less than an hour.

·         Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS): In a world filled with risk and uncertainties, it has become imperative to use past occurrences, data and trends to determine and forecast future occurrences. Therefore, this training is doctored in such a way that upon conclusion of the training program, you would be able to confidently analyse quantitative and qualitative data towards making informed and viable decisions.

·         Econometric View (E-VIEW): In a diversified world fueled by globalization, the tools of economics, mathematics and statistics cannot be overemphasized in solving real life business problems. Therefore this training program seeks to train you on the use of a computer to conduct trend analysis, forecast data, develop financial as well as business models, mine data and analyse data scientifically.

·         AutoCAD Architecture: The uniqueness of AutoCAD would be exploited in the course of this training, featuring its advantages and disadvantages as it relates to designing architectural and engineering masterpieces.

·         Revit Architecture: We would train you on the use of Revit Architecture in designing and rendering your architectural drawings, designs, models and building projects.

·         3D MAX: We would train you on how to master the use of the revolutionary 3D MAX architectural software.

·         Marketing Training: Training session coming soon.

·         Customer Service: Training session coming soon.

·         Business Strategic Analysis: Training session coming soon.