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  • Title page
  • Declaration
  • Certification
  • Acknowledgements
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Tables
  • List of Figures
  • Abstract


Chapter One: Introduction

1.1    Background to the Study

1.2    Statement of the Research Problem

1.3    Research Questions

1.4    Objectives of the Study

1.5    Research Hypothesis

1.6    Scope of the Study

1.7    Significance of the Study


Chapter Two: Literature Review

2.1      Introduction

2.2      Concept of Independent Variable

2.3      Concept of Dependent Variable

2.4      Measuring Independent Variable

2.5      Measuring Dependent Variable

2.6      Factors affecting Independent Variable

2.7      Factors affecting Dependent Variable

2.8      Theoretical Framework (A Review of Current Literature and Conceptual Models/Theories)

2.8.1  Model/Theories for Independent Variable


      Relation to Analysis


2.8.2  Model/Theories for Dependent Variable


      Relation to Analysis


2.8.3  Model/Theories for Intervening Variables


      Relation to Analysis



Chapter Three: Methodology

3.1      Introduction

3.2      Research Design

3.3      Population and Sampling (Optional)

3.4      Research Instrument (Optional)

3.5      Model Specification

3.5.1  Model Construction/Specification

3.5.2  Apriori Sign/Expectation

3.6      Operationalization and Measurement of Variables

3.7      Sources of Data

3.8      Method of Data Analysis

3.8.1  Method Justification

3.9      Limitations of the Study


Chapter Four: Data Analysis and Presentation

4.1      Introduction

4.2      Descriptive Statistics

4.3      Hypotheses Testing

4.4      Discussion of Findings

4.4.1  Discussion of Analysis

4.4.2  Policy Implication


Chapter Five: Summary of Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations

5.1      Introduction

5.2      Summary of Findings

5.3      Contributions to Knowledge

5.4      Conclusions

5.5      Recommendations

5.6      Suggestions for Further Studies