1. WHAT IS WWW.RESEARCHITLIVE.COM ALL ABOUT?     We are owned by FIRST RIL NIGERIA ENTERPRISES a privately owned firm certified and approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria. We were established out of the dire need to eradicate mass unemployment and reduce poverty levels nationally and internationally by providing easy to set-up business ideas, business planning, and research support services. We are user-friendly and offer the following services: business plan writing, marketing plan writing, financial plan writing, identify venture capitalists and angel investors who are willing to invest in the client's proposed businesses. We also offer architectural services (building plan designing, modeling, modifications), business website designing for marketing purposes, business strategic analysis, cv design services for individuals who wish to acquire experience working for other organizations before they decide to start up their own businesses, document management services, business advertisement services, and other professional services as required by our esteemed clients.
  2. HOW RECOGNIZED IS WWW.RESEARCHITLIVE.COM?     We consider ourselves a small business that is currently recognized in over 60 countries. We have over the years strived to create long-term relationships with individuals and business organizations worldwide, we try as much as possible to offer partnership agreements with our clients upon the successful launch of their businesses. This has in many ways given us the opportunity to assist start-ups to actualize their dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs, with our website possessing top security certification whereby clients information are protected and transmitted in encrypted formats difficult for hackers and fraudsters to intercept this has helped increase our rankings, business acceptance, and referral levels globally.
  3. WHY CHOOSE US TO WRITE YOUR BUSINESS PLAN?     Unlike any other individual or company that offers to write you a business plan using textbooks or software, we at are professional business plan writers and can boast of having the largest amount of business plan specialists working with us. In addition to writing your business plan professionally, we also offer to design and host your business website at an affordable rate thereby availing our client the opportunity to make millions through having both online and offline marketing presence. The fact that our clients and their business success is important to us, we from time to time provide millions of free and premium email addresses and phone numbers world-wide for advertising purposes.
  4. HOW COME YOUR CHARGES ARE RELATIVELY CHEAP?     We started as a small business, we still view ourselves a small business despite having recognition in over 60 countries because there are still millions of entrepreneurial talents that need our extra push, assistance and guidance in setting up and managing their businesses. We understand the difficulties these young entrepreneurs face daily in raising capital for successful start-up, we understand the hostile business environment which seems unfavorable for start-ups, we also understand that most business plan consulting firms do not provide the needed care and assistance would-be entrepreneurs need in starting their business venture, therefore, we try to offer our services freely by offering free counseling, free phone numbers, and email addresses for blast advertisement messages, emails and upselling calls, for our services that are chargeable, we strive to ensure our prices are competitive offering the cheapest prices in the industry. All these we offer in order to encourage budding entrepreneurs to plan their businesses professionally so as to guarantee success in their business endeavors. It is worthy of note that although our charges may seem too cheap, we will never compromise or trade-off our top quality service delivery for affordability.
  5. WILL I BE ABLE TO MAKE PROFIT WITH YOUR BUSINESS PLAN WRITING SERVICES?    At we do not believe in business limitations, we rather see such circumstances as opportunities that can be transformed strategically into yielding a huge amount of revenue for your business. Therefore, we strongly frown and do not support the notion that as an entrepreneur you should expect a slow or negative business growth rate the moment you open your doors for business. Upon researches carried out by our research team, we were able to find out that the school of thought that promote this negative and scary notion are usually the laymen on the street that have had little or no business planning experience or education, also, most of them due to lack of proper business planning in their business ventures have had to learn business the hardest of ways which with proper business planning they could easily have avoided the pressures, risks, and uncertainties associated with starting a business venture and secured profits or at worst maintained a break-even stance.
  6. DO I NEED A BUSINESS PLAN FOR MY BUSINESS?     Yes, you need at least a professionally written business plan for your business either you are a start-up or an existing business organization. Apart from the fact that failure to plan is similar to planning to fail, your business plan will serve as a blueprint to your business success, it will help organize your business thoughts, create a roadmap, outline your goals, serve as a tool for convincing investors into investing into your business.
  7. HOW CAN I GET MY BUSINESS PLAN DONE FOR ME?     Kindly visit homepage, click on BUSINESS PLAN, then select the type of business plan you wish to have then click and fill out the CREATE TASK icon contained on the page or at the top of each page. A professional business plan counselor will be assigned to discuss your business planning needs, thereafter your business planning project will be assigned to a twenty-man team of business plan specialists who will initiate your business plan creation and communicate with you as each stage of your business plan proceeds.
  8. DO YOU HAVE THE EXPERTISE TO MEET MY BUSINESS PLANNING NEEDS?     Yes, we have the expertise and technical know-how to meet and surpass your business planning needs. We at have over the years gained recognition world-wide and have written business plans of various degrees cutting across several sectors. We also make it a point of duty to attract and retain and train the best talents in the business world.
  9. CAN I KNOW THE AREAS YOU COMPANY HAVE WRITTEN BUSINESS PLANS ON?     On a yearly basis, we receive hundreds of requests on our business plan writing services cutting across several areas of disciplines. Some of which includes: Advertising, Branding and Marketing, Airlines, Hotels and Travel, Animal and Pest Control, Apparel Design and Manufacturing, Automobiles, Trucking, Motorcycles, Banking, Mortgages and Credit Services, Biotechnology, Drugs and Genetics, Breweries and Wineries, Car Wash, Towing and Vehicle Maintenance, Charities, Child Care Centers and Schools, Computer Hardware and Software, Consulting, Legal and Accounting, Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, Energy and Utility, Media, Film, and Broadcasting, Food, Beverages, Tobacco, Furniture Stores and Manufacturing, Gas, Fuel, and Service Stations, Pharmacy and Weigh Loss Clinics, Home and Adult Daycare and Elderly Facilities, Hotels, Insurance and Risk Management, Social Networks, Lawn Care and Landscaping, Manufacturing, Medical Facilities, Real Estate, Architecture, Recycling Center, Renewable and Alternative Energy, Restaurant, Bars and Coffee Shops, Online business, Salons and Barbershops, Sporting Goods, Telecommunications, Internet and E-Commerce, Transportation, Wireless and Cellular, Yoga, Fitness Centers, Spas, and Sports and much more…
  10. WILL I BE ABLE TO OBTAIN FUNDING USING MY BUSINESS PLAN?     Yes, you will be able to obtain funding easily once you have your investor-oriented business plan written by us. We have done it over and over again for clients and we can do it for you. Our investor-oriented business plans highlight in detail key topics using charts, graphs, and tabular formats, business investors look out for and provide understandable interpretations for easy presentation to investors. We prep our clients before booking an appointment with their proposed investor as oftentimes, most investors, venture capitalists, and banks may require additional information supporting the client’s creditworthiness, educational background, managerial experience, business expertise, proposed use of funds, ability to repay loans, investment buy-out options, collateral used in securing the loans, amongst other likely requirements.
  11. DOES WWW.RESEARCHITLIVE.COM INVEST IN CLIENTS BUSINESS?     In order to encourage young entrepreneurs, from time-to-time we offer tripwire incentives, promotional offers, and random investment in client’s businesses. We are currently working on a platform whereby clients upon successful launch of their businesses, can place their business adverts on our website free of cost. Once this platform is completed clients will be notified.
  12. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO WRITE A BUSINESS PLAN?     Depending on the type of business plan requested, the available documentation and the complexity in obtaining relevant facts and data on your chosen business, it could take between one (1) to ten (10) weeks to get your business plan completely written and delivered to you our esteemed client. Upon request, we do make speedy delivery of business plans but, this may come with extra charges as, during this period, a larger number of professionals and specialists will be assigned to handle your business plan writing.
  13. WILL MY BUSINESS PLAN HAVE FINANCIAL FORECAST AND ANALYSIS?    Yes, we make it a point of duty to provide financial forecasts and analysis. At we have several highly skilled business plan financial specialists and accountants who handle all business plan financials. They will present a step by step analysis on your business start-up funding, marketing, and sales analysis, business milestone analysis, break-even, profit and loss analysis, balance sheet, business financial ratio analysis, personnel financial analysis, and several other types of financial analysis required by the type of business plan chosen.
  14. WHO WRITES THE BUSINESS PLANS?    At we believe in professionalism therefore, we follow strict internal official protocols in writing every business plan. We have several teams that handle the writing of each business plans requested by clients and each team is made up of research specialist who handles all communications with the client and ensures the final copy business plan is collated professionally in line with current industry best practices, clients taste and above all professionalism, financial specialist, marketing specialist, website design specialist, graphic design specialist, logo design specialist, accountant, economist, business strategist, and quality assurance specialist.
  15. WILL I BE ABLE TO EDIT MY COMPLETED BUSINESS PLAN UPON DELIVERY?     Yes, you will be able to edit your business plan as many times as possible upon delivery. In fact, we usually advise clients to update their business plans from time to time as while writing their business plans they may have made some unrealistic business assumptions that upon business launch they possess a clear understanding of. Editing or updating the business plan within seven (7) days of delivery will be free while subsequent adjustments after the seven (7) days may come with some minor charges. Your business plan will also be provided in softcopy, self-editable, un-encrypted formats giving you the opportunity to edit your business plan at your convenience.
  16. CAN YOU SEND US SAMPLES OF WRITTEN BUSINESS PLANS?     We at offer 100% top quality business plan writing services and operate under the money-back policy, therefore, we may not readily make available samples of our business plans written for clients due to the fact that most of our written business plans are covered under confidentiality clause and our business plans are custom-written in such a way that two companies working in the same industry and doing the same kind of business will totally have differentiated business plans designed to meet each business’ needs.
  17. HOW DO YOU MAKE DELIVERY OF THE COMPLETED BUSINESS PLAN?     We make delivery of the completed business plan in softcopy (Microsoft word and excel) and also hard copy (comes with extra charges).