Register as an agent and stand a chance to earn a monthly minimum income of N50,000.


As an agent, you earn 20% income on each referral, project material downloaded and successful business plan sale made payable by the 30th of each month after your second sale made. This means that automatically, you will get access to an instant 20% discount on each price offered. Therefore, we advise you remember to give your referrals your name used in registering as an agent, also ensure your bank account information is correct or you could make your clients make purchases through your account with us so you could earn a 20% discount.

Your expected monthly target income is N50,000 and once successfully met, we will give you an extra 50% of your total earned monthly income as a bonus. If your minimum monthly income is not met, we will still pay you your total earned income for that month.

This means if you are able to earn N50,000 for a month successfully, we will give you an extra N25,000 as a bonus for that month. Or if you are able to earn N60,000 for a month, we will give you an extra N30,000 as a bonus for that month.


Prove yourself by as a top Agent by meeting and surpassing your monthly targets and earn the chance to become a full staff of